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What are crypto derivatives?

What are crypto derivatives? Crypto derivatives are financial products where payoff (cashflow you get at maturity) is a formula of a price of crypto coin or crypto-related index (e.g. BTC price or BTC volatility index) . Crypto derivatives can be

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bitcoin and ethereum futures spread dynamics

Here we will download and display calendar futures spread on btc and eth from binance. We will use the following code to get the data via http API. We will look into september / december 2020 calendar spread for coin

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how to quickly get new crypto api points for new products

When new products are introduced on crypto exchanges, the python api’s and docuementation sometime is not complete, and it’s difficult to find exact symbol names and other paramters.To quickly find out symbol names and other paramters for api calls, we

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How to save order book and trades data for crypto futures

To save data in text format for crypto futures order book and trades from binance we can use the following python snippet: (if you are interested to have -10% on binance trading fees you can use the following code: WFH7DYED

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How to display candle stick bars from binance futures in jupyter notebook

In order to download and display binance candlestick bars in jupyter notebook we will need the following packages: pip install mplfinance pip install python-binance pip install plotly Also you would need to get API keys from binance Binance API management

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